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Clinical Psychology
directive1_161x161 Dr. Lunceford provides psychotherapy for adults, couples, children, and adolescents. Life can be challenging in so many ways and... learn more
Forensic Psychology
directive2_161x161 Approaching legal issues with empathy, expertise and experience in the family court system, personal injury cases, and other... learn more
Qualified Medical Evaluator
directive3_161x161 As a QME, Dr. Lunceford is certified to provide professional assessments of work-related injuries. learn more
Feb01Beating the Valentine’s Day Blues

Are you single this time of year and dreading the overwhelming pictures of love in the air wherever you go? The commercialization of Valentine’s…

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Mar01Finding the Right Work – Life Balance

We live in extremely stressful times and it’s often difficult to find the right balance between our work/school responsibilities and our personal lives. Many…

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Apr01Not Sleeping Enough?

How well you sleep can be affected by many factors, such as stress, diet, exercise, biology and your sleeping environment. Alcohol, coffee or travelling…

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