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Clinical Psychologist
directive1_161x161 Dr. Lunceford provides psychotherapy for adults, couples, children, and adolescents. Life can be challenging in so many ways and... learn more
Forensic Psychologist
directive2_161x161 Approaching legal issues with empathy, expertise and experience in the family court system, personal injury cases, and other... learn more
Qualified Medical Evaluator
directive3_161x161 As a QME, Dr. Lunceford is certified to provide professional assessments of work-related injuries. learn more
Jul05The Art of Listening

Being a good listener is something most of us think we do well, but few truly do. Good listening is the cornerstone of healthy…

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Aug04August – The Importance of Boundaries

Boundaries are often perceived as a sign of indifference or rejection, specifically designed to keep people out. However, boundaries actually give us the space…

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Sep01Dispelling Common Relationship Myths
Couple Walking

Our perceptions and beliefs regarding relationships are often shaped by romanticized ideas and rather misguided notions that have been perpetuated throughout the ages by…

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